3,000 km on foot across New Zealand

Episode 8: Notorious Pirongia

Mt. Pirongia is notorious for dicey weather at all times of the year, and boy, did we find some!

5 Responses to “Episode 8: Notorious Pirongia”

  1. Rob

    You have all of my sympathy, despite that if your posting the video you’re off the bad weather mountain and someplace warm.

    My 5-day hike in Tasmania and 5-day hike in Iceland were both weather challenges, despite the fact that they are ” on average ” really good that time of year. Such is life. It sucks while you’re there – you wonder who’s stupid idea it was – but it’s great to have gone through. Really. 🙂

    What doesn’t kill you, etc., etc… 🙂

    Hang in there.

    • Margaret

      Thanks, Rob 🙂 some of the most uncomfortable of adventures have turned out to be the best stories. In retrospect, of course!

      • Rob

        Indeed. I literally almost died twice on a month long expedition in the San Juans. I still love those mountains and recommend to people that they spend time there.

        Of course, I’m hyper-careful of lightning no matter where I’m hiking now, so I suppose I learned something.

        BTW your NZ adventure was the final straw that induced me to book myself there for a month of hiking in December. 🙂

        • Margaret

          The San Juans are one of my favorite places on earth, but have definitely had some close calls with lightning storms.

          And I’m glad I was such a bad influence! Hope you get lots of good tramping in while you’re here. Definitely recommend the Nelson Lakes area!

          • Rob

            One of these days I’ll make it back down to the San Juans….

            I’m going to be doing a number of the “great walks”, assuming I can reserve tent space. On the north island I’m going to try the Lake Waikeremaona track, and will do the Tongariro circuit. Haven’t planned the south yet, but Heaphy is likely. Just got the latest “tramping & hiking in NZ book” from lonely planet and will be using it to fill spare time and plan on my business trip to Dallas next week…

            What a great life this is!

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