About New Zealand On Foot

I’ve always found the best way to get to know a place is on foot. The slow, methodical plod of footsteps on rock, dirt, cement, or cobblestone, says more than any travel guide. So why not get to know New Zealand? After all, the last news I heard about it was when a couple of meddlesome hobbits blew up Mordor. As far we Westerners are concerned, New Zealand is a very far away place with misty mountains, gorgeous beaches, andĀ more sheep than people.

bootsicon1This November, I’m hiking across New Zealand on Te Araroa, a 3,000 km trail connecting the entire length of the country. New Zealand On Foot is the story of discovery. It’s real-time travel literature as told through weekly articles and videosĀ about New Zealand travel, history, food, culture, and environment.

I’m young and probably crazy, but that’s what youth is for. NewZealandOnFoot.com is part of a larger project I’ve been brainstorming (obsessing over) since Te Araroa opened in 2011. The 4+ month trek through this undiscovered country will result in a web-series and non-fiction travel book.